My Avon Story


My Avon story is a simple one. It doesn’t have a lot of plot twists and turns. It has been an adventure though and I think it’s a good story.

I joined last spring just before Mother’s Day. I had just started homeschooling my son Josh who has a disability and cannot tolerate a public school setting. My other son, Arrow, already stayed at home for school and can’t be left alone for long periods of time due to a panic disorder. I had to think of something that I could do at home, that would be something that was for me as well as my family. My darling husband Jon makes a good living, but I wanted to contribute to the family finances and help us get out of debt.

So I joined Avon. I had heard that it sells itself. Well, that’s true to a point. I get a lot of word-of-mouth traffic as well as orders from people who happen upon my catalog. But after a while, one just wants more. More orders, more challenges, more team members. So I started following successful Avon Representatives that I admired. I discovered powerhouses like Milagros Garcia, Carla Lytle, Molly Stone-Bibb, and several others. They were so inspiring and I got the ball rolling.

Things really started to heat up in my Avon business when I discovered Emily Seagren, a very successful Avon Rep and educator who teaches team members and anyone willing to listen how to sell online. Now this was the way to go, I thought! I’m shy. I take that back, I am pathologically shy. But guess what? So is Emily and she is getting things done, bless her heart! I am not good at approaching strangers and asking for their contact info. Avon has a saying, “The fortune is in the followup,” and I just wasn’t able to follow up if I didn’t get that contact info.

So I am now almost exclusively an online Rep. It has meant the world to me to have this outlet and this business to keep me busy while the kids do their school work. When one of them is having a bad day or needs help, Avon goes on the backburner for a while. If my husband needs my attention or the dishes really, really need to get done, I have the flexibility to set my own hours and to put my business aside to take care of the important stuff (not that I consider a sink of dirty dishes all that important! But the state health department does!).

Now all of this doesn’t mean I get to sit in my warm, cuddly comfort zone. I still market to people at Jon’s office, I attend meetings whenever possible, I train as often as I can, and I participate in events where I can collect that precious info. I put out a lovely basket of goodies and tell anyone who skirts past my table that if they enter their information, they could win the lovely basket. Since I’m just too shy to call them the next day, I send email! I even have it set up so that I don’t have to think about what to say in my emails or when to send them! I have Avon do that for me. It’s a sweet deal.

So where do I go from here? Well, up of course! I’m not where I need to be yet. I’ve only just started recruiting. I have more sales than some rookies, but I want much more. I need to be making a living so we are a two-income household and aren’t slaves to debt anymore. But Avon is a business. It takes time, guts, determination, and a no-quit attitude. It takes heart and it takes courage, even if you’re selling online. But I can handle that. I am courageous and I am strong. I am Avon and I will make my mark. Just watch me soar!


Faith of the Heart

If Team From the Heart had a theme song, this would be it. I first heard it on 9/11. I held my 18-month-old baby in my arms and cried as Mom and I watched the first episode of Star Trek Enterprise. It was a new show that hadn’t aired yet. My mom was a TV critic for the Christian Science Monitor and we thought there was simply nothing better to do on that horrible day than watch a show abut hope, human compassion, and inner strength.

As the theme song played, I held my baby tighter and cried. It was exactly what I needed to hear. You see, we CAN do anything we set our minds to. We CAN realize our dreams. We CAN make the world a better place for our children.

The film part of the intro is great too. It shows a history of mankind’s achievements in exploration–achievements that took guts, strength, cooperation, hope, and courage. So Team From the Heart I say to you

I’ve got faith of the heart
I’m going where my heart will take me
I’ve got faith to believe
I can do anything
I’ve got strength of the soul
And no one’s gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I’ve got faith, faith of the heart

A Big and False Look With One Product

I only recommend products I know and love. I use this mascara every day for pumped up, ripped lashes that totally look like you spent an hour and a fortune on fancy falsies. And BONUS! The don’t hurt my uber sensitive eyes. No. Kidding. I have the most sensitive eyeballs in the universe and this mascara is completely gentle and completely wonderful. Buy it here. Normally sells for $9 (and worth every penny!), but for a limited time you can buy this plus another select makeup product two for $8!

AVON Campaign 5 Brochure

Avon Campaign 5 2017 Brochure Online

The Campaign 5 brochure is chock full of ideas and products to make your Valentine’s Day perfect. Check out our featured products starting with Avon True Color Technology lipstick. All ten shades can be found on pages 6 and 7. With Avon True Color what you see is what you get! The color you see in the tube is the color that glides right onto your lips. And with four powerhouse conditioners (jojoba oil, Vitamin E, collagen, and lanolin), your lips will feel great even AFTER you take off your lipstick! Will retail for $8, but is on sale right now for $5.99.

Next up, check out our newest mascara! Superextend Nourishing Mascara combines argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E for your lushest, most healthy lashes ever. And it comes off easily with makeup remover so there’s no more lash breakage! Will retail for $8, but only costs $5.99 for a limited time.

And finally, be sure to visit pages 49 and 51 to learn about our ANEW Ultimate Multi Performance Creams (for clarity, even tone, diminished wrinkles, and firmness) and ANEW Platinum Cream (for a lifted look and more youthful definition). Both systems come with a day cream, a night cream, and an eye cream. The eye creams are $36 and the day and night creams are $38.

Shop Campaign 5 2017 from 1/31-2/14.

View Avon Campaign 5 2017 Brochure Online

Outlet Avon Campaign 5 2017

Mark Avon Campaign 5 2017

Look Beautiful for Less Avon Campaign 5 / 4 2017

Countdown to Savings Avon Campaign 5 / 6 2017

I love what I do and so can you! The Avon Opportunity is available to everyone! And on my team, we welcome even the shyest reps. Did you know you can sell entirely online? It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination. But together we can make our dreams come true! Start up is very small. I have a little poem, ahem, $25 gets you in the door, $50 gets you even more, and $100 gets you products galore! Choose the best kit for you here and sign up for Team From the Heart today!

Living Avon Campaign 3 - 6 2017

Finally Loving Yourself

Finding self-love can be a journey filled with pit falls, craggy mountains, and endlessly winding roads. Hopefully along the way you’ll find sunlit meadows and cooling waters, refreshment and peace.

If you’re struggling to love yourself like you know you should, or worse, wondering why you should love yourself at all, join me on my own personal journey to find self-love and acceptance. I am not at the top of the mountain yet, but with God’s grace I will reach that pinnacle eventually.

This blog is all about self-care. Sure I sell Avon here; that’s my business and I truly believe that my products can help you take care of yourself. But what I’m mostly about is the kind of self-care that helps alleviate depression, takes away stress, and helps you to feel loved.

Perhaps you are thinking you don’t deserve love, that you are unlovable. Maybe you wonder what loving yourself even means. I know I wondered that same thing. Sometimes I still do. See, I have flaws. I’m overweight, I get grumpy with my kids, I struggle with depression, I am a lousy housekeeper. I’m nowhere near perfect.

But here’s the secret that I’ve begun to unlock—I am a beautiful person, inside and out. I may be 44 and beyond pudgy, but I’m attractive and loved. I am loved by my husband, by my parents, by my kids, and by my God. Even if no one else loved me, my God always will. I am his princess, his joy, his flawless jewel.

I don’t mean to advocate for any one religion. I’m not here to convert you. I take comfort in the Christian faith (I’m a liberal Evangelical Lutheran if you’re curious). But if you feel loved by the God of Mohammad, Abraham, or even the Universe, find your peace there—in faith. I can’t imagine walking this road without faith.

And that’s not to say that atheists can’t find self-love. From what I understand, their higher power is mankind itself. Take heart and know that you CAN have faith in mankind. You can find love and acceptance there.

So what does self-love even mean? For years I struggled with this question. Therapists, priests and pastors, even society at large told me I needed to love myself or I wouldn’t be able to fully love those around me. Bull, I said! I love my family fiercely and nothing can take that away. I don’t have to love myself to love others!

But then I made it my 2017 New Year’s resolution to learn how to love myself. I got to work with the help of my wonderful therapist, Christina. I asked her point blank why I had to love myself in order to love my family. She said it all has to do with intimacy. Not the sexual kind of course, but the deeper, more spiritual work of loving those around you. She was right! I did not have a very intimate relationship with my children, husband, or those around me. As I have grown in love towards myself, I am finding I have a new attitude about having a relationship with a person’s SOUL.

I know, I still haven’t answered the question. What does loving yourself even mean? I haven’t gotten there yet because it’s a very tough question for me. I am starting to learn though, that it means having an appreciation for yourself as you would a fine piece of art. You are complex, you are made of up many brush strokes. There are some darker colors in you and there is light, lots of light. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to see the picture. See, no matter what your belief system is, I think we can all agree that we are essentially made up of stardust. Stars give light, right? YOU give light in so many ways—when you kiss your newborn for the first time, when you adopt a shelter pet, when you teach a classroom of children, when you tell your partner, “I love you” and really mean it, when you visit an elderly grandmother, when you send a birthday card. Whatever good it is that you do, you are showering the world with beams of heavenly light. Isn’t that worthy of love? I think it is. Loving yourself means respecting, even being in awe of, your own light.I love myself because I feed the homeless. I love myself because almost every Sunday, I teach second graders about God. I love myself because I homeschool my kids. I love myself because I am a tender wife. I love myself because I bring joy and pride to my parents. I love myself because God loves me unconditionally and with a fierceness my human brain will never be able to comprehend.

So here’s what I think you should do: start a journal and write in it every day. You can write negative stuff, but always always remember to write about why you love yourself and what you’re grateful for; find a sympathetic therapist to guide you on your journey. If sitting down in front of someone once a week is too daunting or time consuming, go to and get matched for the therapist who’s right for you. I find chat room conversation with my therapist feels much safer than sitting in a room with a stranger. But that is of course personal choice; and Lastly, make a list of all the great things about you. Don’t hold back. Don’t list the negatives. Just list everything positive about you. Once you get on a roll, I bet you can come up with dozens of reasons to love yourself.

One final note. The reason I chose this task as a New Year’s resolution is that I knew it might take several months or even a year to fully understand what it was I was setting out to do. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The love will come. And when it does, there will be no stopping you.

Winter Skin

Brrrr…Baby it’s cold out there! And while winter might be a great time to cozy up to the fire, snuggle your babies, pet a purring kitty, or wear your favorite warm sweater, winter is not great for your skin. As the humidity leaves, so does our natural ability to maintain moisture.

Dry skin can be uncomfortable, itchy, and even leave us feeling self-conscious if we’re a little flaky. Luckily, there are a lot of great products out there to help us feel better about the chill.

Let’s start with your poor, chapped face. My two favorite products for protecting and revitalizing dry facial skin are Avon’s ANEW Ultimate Supreme Performance Crème ($50) and Our fabulous ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask ($30). I use both at bedtime and sometimes even in the morning if I’m feeling particularly dry. The Supreme Performance Crème is a lovely, light-weight cream with an awesome scent (my mom is constantly asking when we’ll be coming out with the matching fragrance, lol!) It costs just $50 but packs a punch as powerful as the $350 luxury department store crème. In fact, it may be far MORE hydrating than many department store luxury creams.

The Overnight Hydration Mask is also light-weight and non-greasy, but helps skin repair and heal overnight. I love to slather this amazing stuff all over my face, neck, and décolletage every night. It never fails, I always wake up with refreshed skin!

Another victim of winter’s brutality can be your hands. My poor dad gets cracks in his thumbs and fingers from the lack of moisture. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep lots of hand creams around—like, one in every bathroom, one in your bedroom, one in your office, and one in your purse. It may sound silly, but try to moisturize those poor mitts every time you think about it. I generally will apply lotions about six times a day for unbelievably soft and comfortable hands. My personal favorite cream is Skin So Soft in the Soft and Sensual flavor ($4) (I know, silly to call it Skin So Soft Soft And Sensual! But hey, the stuff is amazing!). My husband gets very dry, itchy skin on his hands in winter and has been using Moisture Relief Calming Relief Hand Lotion. ($5) It doesn’t have any scent to it and contains actual oatmeal for soothing the itch. It’s wonderful and also comes as a body lotion and a spray. The entire Moisture Therapy line is suitable for sensitive skin, sensitive noses, and sensitive kids!

Let’s talk about that pucker, shall we? I hate hate hate that famous brand of lip balm that everyone thinks of when they get chapped lips. Not gonna name names, but it starts with Chap. Yuck! Talk about icky, waxy, sticky goo! But the good news is, Avon has a version that goes on silky smooth and it tastes great too! My 11-year-old son asked for a couple of tubes for Christmas! Ya, it’s that great. The Flavor Savers Lip Balm normally sells for $2, but can frequently be found on sale for $1.50 or less (as I write this it’s on sale for a buck!).

And how about those flaky, itchy elbows and knees? I don’t know about you, but shaving my legs in the winter time leaves me completely dry if I don’t moisturize. Take care of the skin you’re in by first washing it with a creamy body wash such as Skin So Soft Body Wash  ($8 for a huge bottle) and then either spritzing on some Skin So Soft Body Oil ($12) or massaging in a creamy lotion such as Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Body Lotion ($13), depending on how dry your skin is and whether you want your lotion to have fragrance (the Moisture Therapy line has no scent).

Hey, I get it. You’re busy. You’re taking care of everyone else and there’s just so much to do today. But I’m urging you to put a little pampering in your day. Taking care of your skin isn’t vain or a waste of time or money. Taking care of YOU should be a priority! It’s why they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others—so you don’t pass out! If you’re not taken care of, trust me, it’s an uphill battle to take care of those around you. So take a little time today to care for yourself and your skin. You’ll be happy you did, I promise.

Is Avon for Me?


Wow, our intrepid Avon Representative pictured here sure looks busy, ha ha! That’s because Avon is a business and it takes a lot of hard work to be successful at it. If you’re looking to add a hundred bucks a month to your family’s finances, it’s not that bad. Hand out a few brochures, connect via Facebook, email, or text, and deliver the goods. It really is that simple.

If you’re looking to earn a real living though, as I am, it takes time, devotion, passion, and strength to get your business to grow. I will always be honest with you on this site. I am not where I want to be in my business yet. But I am determined to make it work; to build a team, to sell online, to make an actual living. Little by little I am watching this fledgling business take off and soar. I have started recruiting, I sell a little more each campaign, I get a little braver every time I approach someone new.

Here’s what I’ve done so far in my business: I’ve invested tons of money in products that never sold. BIG mistake! Only invest if you are already making a profit. Avon now has three featured products per campaign (a campaign is a two week selling period. We have 24 campaigns a year). If your budget allows, you can invest in these three  products to use as demos. If your budget is tight, you can invest in samples.

Also, I’ve done several events like having a vender table at a huge Fourth of July celebration, being the makeup artist for a fashion show for charity, and holding an open house in my home. I didn’t sell much at any of these events, but I view them as successes because I gained a lot of contact info from them. Moving forward, I plan to do the occasional event but focus on getting info and recruiting rather than selling.

My third discovery is that I’m not good at selling face-to-face. Now, if you’re a huge people person and are thinking of joining Avon for the social aspect, good for you! Avon offers the tremendous opportunity to sell any way you wish. You can have parties, you can visit offices with a rolling makeup case full of inventory, you can talk to the lady in line ahead of you at the grocery store, or you can sell online. Selling online definitely isn’t for everyone. It is a lot of hard work. But I find that the hard work is paying off. This is why I always say that shy reps are welcome as a part of my team, Team From the Heart. You CAN sell Avon and never speak to strangers! Some will tell you it is the effortless way of selling. I am here to say that isn’t true. I work my butt off. But I have fun doing it.

So you’re on the fence about joining. Maybe you didn’t know it was going to be so much work. Maybe you’re nervous about talking to strangers. Maybe you think it will be too expensive. Honestly, you don’t have much to lose by trying. The start up is very low (I have a little poem. Ahem…$25 gets you in the door, $50 gets you even more, and $100 gets you products galore!). Whichever kit you choose, you are getting products worth many times what you are paying. It can’t hurt to try, right?

I know you have questions. I am here to answer as many as I can or to find the info you are looking for. Please contact me here, or visit my eStore here. We can do this!

Choosing Avon or Mary Kay


If you’re expecting for a bash-fest, this isn’t it. I believe Mary Kay is a good company with a great product. It is Avon’s policy not to bad-mouth other Direct Sales programs and I’m not going to. But I know there are a lot of people out there wondering which direction they should go.

A little about me and Direct Sales: I started selling Avon with a friend when I was about 19. It was a flop. We ordered a huge amount of product (back then $200 could buy you a LOT of Avon—and guess what? It still can!), and took it to the flea market to try to sell it at retail. No one even looked at our table. Why would they when there were several other Avon Reps selling at gigantic discounts? (I learned much later that these reps buy up other consultant’s unsold inventory for a song).

So we weren’t able to cover the cost of our first order and, well, ended up in collections. We didn’t do our research, we acted foolishly, and we spent more money than we could afford to pay back. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2, at least for me, was joining Mary Kay. As I said, they have a great program and plenty of women (and men too!) make a decent living selling that product. But it wasn’t for me. The meetings I was required to attend (I believe once a week) were extremely intense. They are highly motivated and focused people. They told me I had to call someone and recruit at least once a week. My upline and her upline were quite insistent that I work my business every day, always wear a suit (but it couldn’t be red—you had to earn that right), and I’m sorry to say, use high pressure sales tactics. When my upline earned a car because my friend and I made her fifth and sixth downlines, I was pressured to perform and to stay in the program.

Now I know not all units are like that. My mother in law had a different experience when she was a Mary Kay Consultant. She felt that the people in her group were the most positive people she’d ever met. I am quite certain there are some fun bunches out there.

Mistake #3 was quitting Creative Memories too soon. I adored scrapbooking when I was a newlywed and when I first became a mom. It was all I could think about! And back then, Creative Memories was all the rage. All the scrapbooking magazines featured nothing but CM-type layouts. I could have made it work if I had stuck with it, if I had been more tenacious and more courageous. But after a couple of rejections, I was through.

I also tried Pampered Chef, but I can’t call that one a mistake. I was what they call (to this day) a kit napper. I bought a large startup kit for like 100 bucks and got a kitchen full of awesome loot! I held one “party” (which was just one of my MOPS meetings) and placed one order and then I was done. Pampered Chef is an awesome company and I recently witnessed a rep friend place a nearly $600 order from my family alone. And because I was her hostess, I earned $90 worth of free stuff!

Which brings me to why I ultimately chose Avon as a career. Most companies like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay require you to hold parties. I am a pathologically shy person. I don’t just have a shell, I have a concrete barrier. And I don’t have a huge circle of friends to get me started in a home party biz. I needed something to do that would earn me some cash, but that wouldn’t require consistently finding party hosts.

Some will tell you that Avon sells itself. I have not found this to be true. I work hard for every customer I gain. At first, I would send mounds of books to work with my husband (and still do) and then occasionally ask a female passerby if she wanted a book.

But the beauty of Avon is that you can be pathologically shy and still make money. Online selling was the key for me. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve turned to my eStore to generate funds. It’s a lot of work, I’ll be perfectly honest. But its enjoyable work. It’s much better than office life; at least I think so. I homeschool my kids, so I need to be home. Avon is the perfect fit.

The number one piece of advice I got when I started this journey is to never give up. It takes time and effort. But that’s true of any Direct Sales company. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to sell beauty products, whatever company you choose, you must treat it like a business to be successful. If you’ve done your homework and it feels like Mary Kay is the company for you, go for it! I just find that my product is easier to sell with far less pressure involved.

avonmakeup2If you’d like more information about the Avon Opportunity, please contact me at Check out my web site at If you decide to sign up, enter code jessicaspeck when prompted. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Team From the Heart!

Visit me at and enter code jessicaspeck when you sign up!

Anew Ultimate Supreme


On my site, I will only endorse products that I have used, believe in, and love. To me, the Anew Ultimate Supreme Night Creme is truly the ultimate in skincare. It uses essence of Tahitian black pearl for a creme so luxurious, it beats a $350 luxury creme from Lancombe. That’s right, our new night creme delivers more than 25% more moisture than the outrageously expensive competition. Yet it instantly smooths into skin with an incredibly light touch. The fragrance is divine and the silky feel instantly makes skin softer and smoother, with the added bonus of the latest wrinkle reducing technology. You cannot go wrong with this creme. It is easily my favorite Avon product. Anew Ultimate Supreme now retails for $50–a fraction of the Lancombe price! You can find it here. Happy shopping, Makeup Artists!