If you’re expecting for a bash-fest, this isn’t it. I believe Mary Kay is a good company with a great product. It is Avon’s policy not to bad-mouth other Direct Sales programs and I’m not going to. But I know there are a lot of people out there wondering which direction they should go.

A little about me and Direct Sales: I started selling Avon with a friend when I was about 19. It was a flop. We ordered a huge amount of product (back then $200 could buy you a LOT of Avon—and guess what? It still can!), and took it to the flea market to try to sell it at retail. No one even looked at our table. Why would they when there were several other Avon Reps selling at gigantic discounts? (I learned much later that these reps buy up other consultant’s unsold inventory for a song).

So we weren’t able to cover the cost of our first order and, well, ended up in collections. We didn’t do our research, we acted foolishly, and we spent more money than we could afford to pay back. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2, at least for me, was joining Mary Kay. As I said, they have a great program and plenty of women (and men too!) make a decent living selling that product. But it wasn’t for me. The meetings I was required to attend (I believe once a week) were extremely intense. They are highly motivated and focused people. They told me I had to call someone and recruit at least once a week. My upline and her upline were quite insistent that I work my business every day, always wear a suit (but it couldn’t be red—you had to earn that right), and I’m sorry to say, use high pressure sales tactics. When my upline earned a car because my friend and I made her fifth and sixth downlines, I was pressured to perform and to stay in the program.

Now I know not all units are like that. My mother in law had a different experience when she was a Mary Kay Consultant. She felt that the people in her group were the most positive people she’d ever met. I am quite certain there are some fun bunches out there.

Mistake #3 was quitting Creative Memories too soon. I adored scrapbooking when I was a newlywed and when I first became a mom. It was all I could think about! And back then, Creative Memories was all the rage. All the scrapbooking magazines featured nothing but CM-type layouts. I could have made it work if I had stuck with it, if I had been more tenacious and more courageous. But after a couple of rejections, I was through.

I also tried Pampered Chef, but I can’t call that one a mistake. I was what they call (to this day) a kit napper. I bought a large startup kit for like 100 bucks and got a kitchen full of awesome loot! I held one “party” (which was just one of my MOPS meetings) and placed one order and then I was done. Pampered Chef is an awesome company and I recently witnessed a rep friend place a nearly $600 order from my family alone. And because I was her hostess, I earned $90 worth of free stuff!

Which brings me to why I ultimately chose Avon as a career. Most companies like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay require you to hold parties. I am a pathologically shy person. I don’t just have a shell, I have a concrete barrier. And I don’t have a huge circle of friends to get me started in a home party biz. I needed something to do that would earn me some cash, but that wouldn’t require consistently finding party hosts.

Some will tell you that Avon sells itself. I have not found this to be true. I work hard for every customer I gain. At first, I would send mounds of books to work with my husband (and still do) and then occasionally ask a female passerby if she wanted a book.

But the beauty of Avon is that you can be pathologically shy and still make money. Online selling was the key for me. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve turned to my eStore to generate funds. It’s a lot of work, I’ll be perfectly honest. But its enjoyable work. It’s much better than office life; at least I think so. I homeschool my kids, so I need to be home. Avon is the perfect fit.

The number one piece of advice I got when I started this journey is to never give up. It takes time and effort. But that’s true of any Direct Sales company. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to sell beauty products, whatever company you choose, you must treat it like a business to be successful. If you’ve done your homework and it feels like Mary Kay is the company for you, go for it! I just find that my product is easier to sell with far less pressure involved.

avonmakeup2If you’d like more information about the Avon Opportunity, please contact me at Check out my web site at If you decide to sign up, enter code jessicaspeck when prompted. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Team From the Heart!

Visit me at and enter code jessicaspeck when you sign up!


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